vs. mystery

Life is a Damn Mystery…

Especially if you, like myself, have no idea where it’s going or where your purpose lies.

21 Damn Early Days Challenge…

Nine months ago, I packed up my life and moved to the city.  While, I previously had everything I was supposed to want, good friends, good job, good things, I’ve realized most of it was quantity based and not quality.  I have remained in touch with a few select people and I have been picky when it comes to meeting new ones.  My job, while equally as busy, I get a different level of satisfaction out of.  I have fewer things, which weighs less on my conscious.

Things were feeling better. But, I still felt lacking a purpose.

May to June of this year I had the opportunity to participate in a Tourism Challenge as a work-perk.  I upped the ante to make things a little more interesting (read more).

This week, I finished the 21 Damn Early Days Challenge.

And at the end of it, I came to this epiphany.

I hate setting goals.  To me, goals have always seemed so monotonous, grown up and lacking a certain… Je ne sais quoi“.  Something about the word “goal-setting” never sounded appealing to me.

But, “challenge”.  I like a good challenge.

The Damn Early Days Challenge had me waking up at 4:30am (sometimes 5:30am) and doing “something”.  A “goal”.  For me, the goal part wasn’t the appealing part.  For me, the appealing part was the challenge aspect of it.  I got up at 4:30am for 21 days, and most of those days I wrote.  Mostly blog posts. Ok, all blog posts. But, my challenge to myself this year was to write more. And, it was happening, but in inconsistent spurts.

In conclusion, this 21 Day Challenge, while only about 70% successful on the “reaching my goals” kind of thing, did lead me to a slight epiphany.

Goals are boring.

Give me challenges.

I’ll do a hell of a lot more.

Maybe life isn’t the mystery, but our minds and psychology behind why and how we do things sure can be.

via Daily Prompt: Mystery

5 thoughts on “vs. mystery

  1. I agree with you! I like a challenge more than setting goals. I find if I set a challenge on my blog, I get more of it done — maybe not everyday but a lot more so than if left to my own devices. I also find in a challenge, if I see changes/results as I go along, I pay attention to them because it’s more about the “journey”. With a goal, I feel like nothing counts unless I get the goal 100% so it’s more just about the goal, not the journey. At least that’s the way it is for me.

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  2. This is most definitely me. If anything dare me to do something and it’s game on. Since doing this challenge were you able to stick to the early wakeful hour? It’s something I integrated a few years back and really try to stick to at the best of times! 6hrs of sleep and early as fuck wakeful hours!


    1. Thanks for the read! I decided to keep with an earlier morning, but found that 4:30am was too early and gave me too much time before I had to head off to work. I Changed it up a bit and have been consistently up at 5:30am and working out before work and writing after work as consistently as possible. I’ve had a couple other challenges I’ve put myself up to so the hard part will be trying to integrate the ones that I think will be a good balance for my life!


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