vs. the storm before the storm

I like Cuba.

It sometimes gets a bad rep for the food, for the politics and social welfare but heck if it isn’t one of the most interesting countries I’ve been to (twice).  The first visit was a breeze (despite a badly rolled ankle), the second visit could be described as a vacation from hell but I would rank both experiences equally as high- at the very least for the stories.

One rarely expects a tropical style-storm to hit during the dry-season- at least I wasn’t expecting it back in January 2015.

And it was glorious.


A wild encounter.


This spot was on the northernmost tip of Varadero, the primary resort peninsula.  A central and cost-effective location if you want to experience it all. Most resorts in Varadero sit on beautiful beaches and are a short drive to great outdoor adventures, Havana and other little cities to explore.


Who doesn’t love a good storm… this one resulted in some dark days to follow and some of my favourite photos.

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