kversustheworld brings you a specially curated collection of guided Pacific Northwest tourism experiences, travel blunder and fail stories, advice and photography.

kversus and challenge life came about while being given the incredibly lucky opportunity to participate in a Vancouver-wide “Tourism Challenge”.  The challenge? Visit 50 local tourist attractions, businesses and hotels in 41 days.  At the time, I was new back to living in the city and hadn’t yet begun to settle into my new life. I was nervous about getting out into the ‘big city’- uncertain about what to do, where to go and when I should go. As a socially anxious introvert, the challenge forced me out of my comfort zone and into the world of tourism in Vancouver. From there, I began to write and record my experiences at each of the locations I visited. I found more challenges to implement in my daily life- kversustheworld documents and shares those challenges in full.


Born in the pacific northwest. Raised in the northern interior.  Settled in pnw wonderland, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Old soul. New soul. Minimalist. Hoarder. Health food nut. Junk food binger. Reading. Netflix. Writing. Netflix. Sober. Wino. Everyday hair washer. Introvert. Socially capable. Five days in a row dry- shampooer. Hiker. Napper. Lover. Disliker.